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Financial Counseling

We believe in the concept of “greening things from within” that stems from an instinct to be made whole. So often we consider our finances separate and distinct from our conversations on conscious living. Because it feels amorphous & ominous, we cleave it from our dialogue on mindfulness, and, if we’re lucky enough to have “experts” (advisors, counselors, parents), we hand it over to them hoping they’ll, one day, help us feel right about it. We find out quickly they cannot.  As a result, we’re disconnected from ourselves, daunted at the thought of approaching finances, and constantly wondering if the only way to feel financially fulfilled is if we’re making more money. (Pro-Tip: more money will never make you feel more whole). But what if we nourished the places of financial rot we developed through neglect, faulty modeling, abuse, experiences, lack of education and allowed them to “green us from within.”  What if we use your history of money to align your behavior with your true values and transform that rot into energy and life. Watch your finances sync up as you imbibe the idea that every dollar you spend is a vote for what matters. Watch as your inner self reflects the outer and the outer self reflects the inner and, behold, your life is more whole.

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