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Cierra St. Hubert-Upshaw


Cierra St. Hubert-Upshaw was born in Evanston, Illinois. Her passion for helping others came about after she was adopted at the young age with her two biological siblings. She graduated with a BS in Forensic Science from the HBCU Albany State University and will complete her Masters in Forensic Psychology at Argosy University in Atlanta, Georgia this Spring.

Ms. St-Hubert-Upshaw has interned with the Dougherty County Coroner’s Office, assisted with crime scene examinations, writing reports, and mentoring high school students all at the same time. Through volunteering at Raising Our Youth, Inc. Cierra has gained experience in working with juveniles with physical and mental disabilities. Her passion is to rehabilitate the youth. She is a high achiever with a dynamic personality and passionate about being a service to others. At Haus Calls, she hopes to gain knowledge and experience.

Cierra’s passion is rehabilitating the youth in hopes of keeping young people on a positive path through their life’s journey. From her journey being adopted, she has always said, “if someone loved me enough to be a blessing to my life, I have to do all that I can do to be a blessing to others as well.” Cierra continues her strive in being a high achiever by having a dynamic personality and passion for being of service to others.