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The Coming of Seasons–

There are articles found everywhere inviting you and helping you to guard against over booking yourself into this Holiday Season.  Whether you celebrate this coming month in the various spiritual opportunities or choose your own style of winter’s beginning, we will each be touched by the incentives to spend and eat and buy on sale or to simply be part of the delays in traffic. To some, this is the most wonderful time of the year– and to some– not so much.  Relief in the value of the season is sought by many.  When I look at Instagram and Facebook– the idea of family visits, decorating homes, eating the best of foods and creating a time of goodness, are prominent themes.  I want to indulge all of my senses in gathering the best of this month. But then– there is reality. On many fronts I have greatness going on but then,  there is a dear friend who may not live to the end of the month, his family facing his diagnosis of lung cancer. There is also the family members that I will not get to see, and I will deeply miss. There is the fear of overspending, but also the excitement of giving. In addition, there is real work to be done and there is pressure to take time off from work.  The month ahead brings with it great excitement and — great opportunity. There are presents to purchase that create  the fears of disappointing– this lingers within the excitement of giving.  It is a wonderful Season of love– and it will bring memories to be recorded– and I wonder, one month from today– what will my idea of this seasons passing record?

You know what I am going for here: Its your month ahead.  My hope is that you will take the time to plan for the reality of your spending and eating and visiting and or not– but plan and follow  this month with some deliberate intention and not be thrown by every wind of temptation.  It is simply 31 days of life– lights, pressure, faith– or no faith.  In the writings in the beginning chapters of Genesis– we see a God who creates by separating– separating light from darkness, sea from land, heavens from earth–  and human to male and female– In this tradition of life– I encourage you to separate– your pressures from your real desires.  Take the time to speak into your own life– and separate your world from a world of frenzy and unwarranted expectations– we are hear to encourage you to create  your own life and not the life that others create for you.  Step into the season with courage– but also with a real ability to be vulnerable–  We want to hear how its going for you and if we can help you sort it out.

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